So at this point in time, i am trying to adult hard. And one aspect of adulting has me grappling, writing a CV. I’ve written them before, but never has any one of them mattered. They were all fluff and stuff written in school for good grades; written from the perspective of our future selves. It’s funny how our future self is esteemed, and has various accolades. The concept of what we need to do to get a great job is thus grasped, the execution is a little elusive however. Past me had such high hopes; awards left and right, multiple community service experiences and all relevant hobbies.


So in writing my CV, I’ve done my schooling history, sold my working experience as much as possible. The only thing left is this damn bio introduction thing. So, this is my problem. I’m told to show I’m passionate a value to the business without boring them with clichéd niceties. I’m meant to be unique and creative in the extremely regulated world of corporate. So I’m meant to show my independence with a hint of professionalism.


I should, in essence, tell them I am a good worker, team player and motivated, without saying those words. Simple, right. Obviously, this is a minor obstacle to overcome. The only problem is that in my obviously inexperienced youth isn’t equip with the intricacies of corporate politics and language. My options are therefore to either write something expected with jargon generally accepted, and be reduced to the mediocre trash pile; or gamble on a bit if creative self-selling that could leave them with question marks and a worst impression.


Having said that, my position on this an obvious one of confusion and utter futility. However, I try. This is what I have come up with after many a passive moment in front of my laptop.


While taking on the task of a degree, I have flourished with top grades in all my classes, and a thirst for learning. I’ve learnt that I express myself through my work, but understand the complexity and importance of working collectively to build a stronger and more formidable force. I have worked and studied concurrently and through that, developed a strong working ethic that I believe is invaluable. I believe that through my desire to learn and grow, my contributions will be innovative and of value.